about doulas?
Most people have a lot. I've compiled some frequently asked questions to help you.

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My name is
Sarah Young...
and I would love to tell you more about what it means to me to be your doula.

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Have a great
Contact me today and I will help make your birth experience better.

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Testimonials from Mom

"Sara went above and beyond in giving me the attention and care that a woman needs through labor. Although my husband and I took birthing classes and we planned on having both mothers there for the birth, looking back, I just could not imagine going through it without Sara as our doula. I was determined to give birth without medications and Sara helped me do that through her educated techniques and gentle support through the labor process. I am forever grateful to have had her help in making for a beautiful birthing experience."
—Rebecca, Portland, OR


“I will have her again for my next baby”
—Mother, Portland OR


“I feel like I could not have done it without her, everyone should have a doula.”
—Mother, OHSU Hospital




The Pros Say

“Sarah was very gentle and supportive of patient and family in labor. She was a great asset to this birth.”
--- Midwife

“Sarah is a wonderful Doula, she can help with my patients anytime, she is a very hard worker.”
—Lisa, RN
“I would recommend her to anyone!”

—Tammy, RN

"Sarah was awesome!"

Though usually the Doula is called when labor begins, I had to have an induction at 41 1/2 weeks and I decided to go ahead and call her in. Three days later I went into labor! Sarah was there, giving me support, and when I did finally go into labor, she sprung into action. After eight intense hours I was ready to push. Though most women when refering to an induced labor add: 'and the automatic epidural that goes with it', I didn't feel a need for the epidural.

I had Sarah, and that was all that I needed.

She was the best pain management offered, and I'm glad that I chose her.
--- Candice, Portland OR